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An Unsuspecting Heart

The Stars Burn On

An Unsuspecting Heart
Denise Robertson
Publication: April 2012
ISBN: 978 1 906264 22 2
£7.99 Paperback
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As London licks its wounds in the immediate aftermath of war, four orphaned sisters must learn not only how to survive but how to succeed. Life will take them from a London tenement to the four corners of the UK and beyond but wherever they are, in Paris nightspots or rural Scotland, in the corridors of commerce or the struggle simply to survive, the bond of family will hold. Or will it?

What can unite some and set others at daggers drawn? The love of a man or something even more compelling?
‘A saga that’ll keep you turning the pages ...told with perception and humour.’

‘Her prose has a fine flow, her knowledge of the region is deep and instinctive. Above all, her compassion and great understanding of life show in all she writes.’
Evening Chronicle