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Little Books Afghanistan

Little Books Afghanistan is a small charity based in Kabul whose aim is to give simple picture and story books to the youngest and most deprived Afghan children.  In a country stricken by war and poverty, we believe books can be not only an education but a tonic. Little Books are neither religious, nor political. Some are just colouring books with a few words in Dari, Pashto and English. They have no agenda other than to encourage children to read and to bring smiles to faces that have often seen too much too young. Happy Pictures is a series of picture books intended to encourage drawing and colouring in.

In a society where eighty percent of adults cannot read or write, we hope the next generation of Afghans will sow the seeds of stability and peace in years to come. One of  the keys to that stability is education, through books and reading.Today only half of Afghanistan’s children attend school  and many are forced to work to help feed their families. An alarming number are the sole income providers for older relatives, unable to work themselves. Many young boys whose families cannot afford an education have their schooling paid for by the Taliban and attend strict religious schools where they are taught to mistrust the West. Girls still face a fight to get an education in Afghanistan.  For them access to books and reading  is frowned on by the conservatives.

Even if Little Books make a difference to one child's life, we believe it will have been worthwhile. We hope you do too.



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